Bush Baby World Dreamstar Plush - Mimi

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You are Purchasing 1x Bush Baby World Dreamstars Plush -Mimi

You are Purchasing 1x Bush Baby World Dreamstars Plush -Mimi


Mimi The Rebel - Likes: Looking Cool,  Always: Helps her Friends.

A Magical World Where Dreams are Made.

Bush Baby World is home to the cute and mischievous Bush Babies who have lots of fun together. Within this magical world is a very special tree... The Dream Tree, where the Dreamstar Bush Babies live. At night they snuggle into their Sleepy Pods and close the leaf door to stay cosy and warm amongst the branches.

The Dreamstar Bush Babies are the guardians of the Dream Tree. They nurture and protect it to ensure sparkling dream dust is cast out every night from the golden flower crown, filling our dreams with endless wonder.

Introducing Neesha, Oni, Issi, Kojo, Mimi and Kiki. The Dreamstar Bush Babies have their own unique styles and very special roles within Bush Baby World. Position your finger into the back of the toy to bring the Bush Baby to life! Wiggle my Eyes and Waggle my Ears for interactive play that sparks your imagination!

Collect them all!

Height: Seated position approx 16cm

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